SOLD OUT EYEYE Hydraclair Eye care solution - 15ml

EYEYE Hydraclair, Moisturization and Hydration Collagen with Provitamin B5 and HYDRAFLEX. . Ideal to relive the lost moisture and freshness in troubled eyes. Each drop of EYEYE cools, protects, relieves and nourishes the provitamin B5 of the cornea. EXCELLENT eye drop, dry, irritated or tired of long-term use of contact lenses. It re-energizes in situations of fatigue, dryness and tired eyes. Provitamin B5 helps the ability to self-reproduce the cornea cells, while the lubricating property of the Hydraflex component maintains and protects the lacrimal layer, resulting in intense freshness and increased hygienic eye protection. It is known that a healthy and hydrated cornea, along with an excellent contact lens application, reduces the risk of infections and risks of discontinuation of contact lenses.

PACKING. Multidose vial containing 15ml of aqueous solution. The product can be used up to 2 months after its opening.

COMPONENTS . Dexpanthenol 2%, Hydraflex 0.3%, Polyhexanide. 0.0001%. ,without preservatives.

DOSAGE. Usually 3 to 4 times a day or depending on the size of the dry eye and eye ophthalmologist recommendations.

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EYEYE Hydraclair Eye care solution - 15ml

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