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Tsami Opticals company started 45 years ago.
After about 7 years of living in Sweden, Efstathios Tsamis (founder of the company), formerly working 
as an optical technician learning the secrets of the optical art in the company "Sinigrien Opticals" (one of the best workshops in Stockholm), he retuns with his wife Eleni Tsami in Greece. In 1969 they are founding the first store on Christou Koumantou street at Kalamata.

The company was transferred and established in 1980 on Aristomenous street, number 37. In 1998 the second store is founded also on the Aristomenous street at the number 65. 




In 2010 a big step is performed with a new store in Costa Navarino-Navarino Dunes called Tsamis Eyewear Boutique. 



Today, the course of the company is completely undertaken by the three children of the Tsami family. Two of them, Olga and Matina Tsami after completing their studies in Optics-Optometry at Instituto Regionale Di Studi Ottici e Optometrici (IRSOO) of Italy, are responsible for the management of the two stores, 



at Aristomenous street number 65





and in Costa Navarino.




By using the most modern machines of optics-optometry and by expertising in the application of contact lenses, Olga and Matina Tsami are continuing the tradition by offering their knowledge and services in everyday base.





Their concern is to stay constantly updated and trained to watch the developments of the technology in every segment.



So, they are taking action and today, in 2014, they are constructing their e-shop: www.tsamiopticals.gr aiming to fulfill the modern demands of their clients offering the best prices in branded and guaranteed products.


Our company works with the leading importing optician companies in Greece,supplying it with certified and genuine branded products.