EYEYE Hydraclair Rewetting Drops 20x0,35ml

EYEYE Hydraclair with provitamin B5 has unique nourishing, protective and caring properties for the eyes. Provitamin B5 protects and supports the various functions of the epithelial cells of the cornea.

Advanced eye care with EYEYE Hydraclair:

Protects the eyes against feeling of dryness, irritation and fatigue on the basis of provitamin B5. Is also suited when wearing any type of contact lenses. Is based on the Eye Responsive Care System™: the eye itself indicates the need for activating provitamin B5. Never too much, never too little.

Is a natural substance with provitamin B5 that is already present in the body. Has a muco-adhesive power which stabilises the tear film, thus protecting the eye even more.

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EYEYE Hydraclair Rewetting Drops 20x0,35ml

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